Our Beneficiaries 

Phnom Penh (2012-2014)

The beneficiaries in Phnom Penh were occupants of the urban dumpsite communities and SMILE village. SMILE Village is an initiative by PSE and STEP to relocate the residents of the slums into a new compound, empowering them to be self-sufficient and function as a community. Following the emergence of more student-led projects interested in this particular area in 2014, Project Sothea successfully handed over its health-related duties to a new team at the start of 2015.

Battambang (2010-present)

The beneficiaries in Battambang are the villagers in Dangkut Thnong and Anlong Svay (known to the locals as Kamping Puoy and Sra Kaew respectively) who do not have easy access to healthcare. We are planning a long-term project with an exit plan after 8-10 years, in which we hope to establish a health record system. Other beneficiaries include the orphaned children from the Peaceful Children Home II orphanage.

Prevalent health conditions identified in the two villages include:

  • Amongst adults: Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Musculoskeletal conditions and Gastrointestinal disease

  • Amongst children: Upper respiratory tract infections

Dangkut Thnong Village

  • 1695 residents

  • A significant number of villagers travel to Thailand annually for work purposes

Anlong Svay Village

  • 2089 residents

  • There is a local health post (Sra Kaew Health Post) located in the village

Peaceful Children Home II

  • 10 adults and 14 children

  • Orphanage run by our partner NGO Khmer Foundation Justice, Peace and Development