Our Identity



"Sothea" is a common Cambodian name which stands for compassion or earth in Khmer. Sothea is one of the kids who grew up in Peaceful Children's Home II. Like every one of us, she had dreams and aspirations. She dreamt of becoming a doctor and returning to help her fellow villagers one day. At one point in time, it almost came true when she qualified for medical university. However, limited by the situation she was born into and our capabilities to help her, she had to give up on that dream. Despite that, she continues to fight on for a better life and a chance to return with help for her friends. To us, Sothea is more than compassion, courage and determination; she is inspiration. which encompasses what we stand for.


As individuals, we are often acutely aware of our limitations and feel powerless to accomplish what we originally set out to do. We start out with big dreams to heal the world, but are reminded time and time again that reality holds limitations even for those with the best intentions. As such, our motto reminds us not to give up, for even if we are not able to do big things, we must continue to do what we can - small things with great love.